Baby K'tan Natural Cotton - Dandelion Print

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The Baby K’tan PRINT is made of a 100% natural cotton patterned with beautiful vibrant prints. The carrier's unique one-way stretch and soft fabric offer you and your little a wonderully cozy hold.

- Ergonomic positioning for healthy infant development.
- Evenly distributes weight across back and shoulders.
- Double-loop design slips one like a t-shirt.

100% Cotton Print
6 Positions, from birth and up
Weight Limit:
8-35 lb. (consult pediatrician for preemies)
Machine Washable:
Matching Sash Included:

Getting the Right Size

The Baby K’tan is a sized carrier, and getting the right size ensures you have the right fit when carrying your baby. Just follow the sizing chart below to find the correct size for you.

Do take note of the following:

- Use your pre-pregnancy size

- If you are in between sizes or are 158cm / 5’2” and under, get a smaller size